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Fortnite Battle Royale – Upcoming Improvements


Fortnite Battle Royale – Upcoming Improvements

Check out what is to come for the Fortnite Battle Royale.

We wanted to give some insight into the kinds of improvements that are in the works for Battle Royale.

  • Squads. Right now, this is our number one priority, and we hope to release it in the next few weeks. We’ve already done internal playtests and it’s been exciting to see all the new strategies being used in team gameplay.
  • Inventory management. We recognize there are a few things that are frustrating to navigate, and we have some short-term solutions coming to help improve this experience. Further out, we hope to re-evaluate our inventory system from the ground up.
  • Controls. Some of our controls aren’t ideal, such as how grenades and bandages are consumed. We’d like to make this an easier experience.
  • Supply drops and new weapons. One of the biggest strengths Fortnite has is its amazing weapon lineup, and we want to introduce more of the crazy-cool weapons from Save the World to Battle Royale in the future. We also want to bring in these weapons through supply drops throughout the match, which can serve two goals: 1) time-gate specific weapons to the later phases of the match, 2) add more excitement to the mid-game through the battle to secure Supply Drops.
  • In addition, there are a couple weak areas in the weapon lineup. Mid-range Sniper Rifles (which would fit in-between the current Automatic Rifle and Sniper Rifle) and a mid-range Sub-Machine Gun are the highest priority.

There are also some more balance adjustments we’re looking at that will hopefully improve the overall play experience.

  • Next week:
    • Falling damage. We are adjusting the thresholds for when you receive falling damage, as well as reducing the frequency in which you’ll be hurt from falling at lower elevations.
    • Weapon accuracy. Close-range engagements are a bit too unpredictable right now, so we’ll be reducing the weapon spread during worst-case scenarios (both running and shooting simultaneously). Yes, this includes the SMG.
    • Sniper rifle projectile velocity. A slight increase is coming.
  • Near future:
    • Ammo availability. Light ammo and shotgun shells seem to be fine, but the other types can be a bit too limited. Medium ammo will see the greatest increase.
    • Improving grenade behavior. In the short term, we’ll be increasing stack size and the quantity of grenades in loot. In the longer term, we’d like to enable a visible trajectory so you can predict where a grenade is going to go.
    • Safe zone timing and ring sizes. We are looking into some issues where the rings aren’t always going to the right locations, resulting in players spending a lot more time running toward safe zones than we were expecting.
    • Matchmaking time. There’s a bit more waiting around in the lobby than we want, so we’re going to look at how we can speed things up here.

Of course, as with any game development, some of these plans may change or take longer than we expect.