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Fortnite Battle Royale Update – 9/20 Patch Notes


Fortnite Battle Royale Update – 9/20 Patch Notes

Check out the latest Fortnite Battle Royale Patch Notes 9/20 Update.


  • Increased sniper rifle projectile speed by 25%.
  • Increased weapon accuracy.
    • This is roughly a 50% increase in accuracy in the ‘worst-case’ scenario.
    • Accuracy in best-case scenario (while crouched, aimed, and immobile) is unchanged.
  • Increased accuracy while running.
  • Increased accuracy while shooting full-auto.
  • Increased accuracy while hip firing.
  • Reduced falling damage.
  • Falling damage now begins just above 3 stories, dealing 10 damage. Damage will continue to increase until becoming lethal at 6 stories.
  • Fixed an issue with the safe zone ring locations.
    • This will on average reduce the amount of long-distance running per match.