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Available positions and how to apply for them

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    Ow My Back is now hiring!

    Ow My Back is looking for many positions to get our little community off the ground.

    We are going to begin hiring over the next two weeks for many positions to get the Ow My Back gaming community off the ground. If you want to be involved, see below for what positions to apply for as well as how to apply.

    Here is a short list of what we are looking for:

    Bloggers. We need SEO friendly blogs written for our main page. Bloggers will have their name featured and are allowed to promote one website(can be twitch or youtube also.) We do not currently pay for this position, but if site popularity rises, we will begin paying based on content and advertisers.

    Forum Manager. The Forum Manager is responsible for monitoring the forums as well as updating forums when new information is out. This position is also not paid, but we will offer some form of compensation in the future. Once we begin to gain a user base.

    Clan Manager. This position is one of the most important ones on the site. We are wanting to begin having gaming tournaments and need to build up our gaming team roster. The person responsible for this will help correlate this as well as manage the entire tournament process.

    How to apply to be a Ow My Back Gaming Community blogger, forum manager, or clan manager:

    Steps to apply to get our community started:

    1. Register an account on the Ow My Back webpage.
    2. Create a unique post to this forum using this template.
    3. Send us an email with an example of your background in the desired position.
    4. If you apply for a forum role with Ow My Back. Please post a sample post in one of our current forums. We are in the process of creating new forums but right now we mainly focus on Blizzard Entertainment based games.
    5. Wait. We will be in touch if we are interested.

    Thank you.


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